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CertNexus has successfully certified more than 180 Cyber Security First Responders (CFR) Professionals in Malaysia.
PASIA has successfully certified more than 70 Certified Strategic Sourcing Professionals (CSSP) in Malaysia.

High-Stakes Certifications to fill a Skills Gap

Understanding that today's professionals are technology savvy, our robust training programs allow them to develop the critical skills they need to become highly effective at their jobs, advance their careers and experience greater professional fulfilment. The result is a highly effective, productive and enjoyable learning experience that lasts far beyond the classroom, on-the-job performance support.

Just as there is a demand for quality training programs, there is a significant demand for relevant certifications that validate real-world knowledge and skills. Today's hiring managers seek candidates with proven, demonstrable skills; our certifications are a great way to prove those skills, and hiring managers are taking notice.